Time to Commit: Moving to L.A.


Mother: Maybe you should wait to move until you get a job.

Thankfully, I was able to politely dismiss this with the sound argument that I didn’t even have a job in Portland anymore (both my jobs were student jobs and since I’d graduated, I was no longer a student). Plus, it’s practically impossible to get a job in Portland (we have the highest unemployment rate in the country, last I checked).

So with no job and no permanent place to live, I mailed my books and packed my tiny Prius C to the gills with the rest of my belongings (getting rid of about half of my belongings and the few furnishings I had to my name) and drove down to LA in a day and a half.

I was as prepared as I felt I could be. I’d saved what I could (though the term savings is debatable — I owe thousands of dollars in 0% APR credit card debt and school loans) in preparation of paying a deposit and first month’s rent. I’d leased a car in Portland, where sales tax doesn’t exist (this also made moving prep much easier in my final weeks). I’d sent resumes and cover letters out to production offices. I’d networked via twitter and in person at conferences and festivals (including some promising conversations with three EPs that would be a personal dream to work with). I’d reconnected with old friends and made new friends in LA I’d built up a decent portfolio and a great pool of references. I’d read almost every blog, listened to every podcast, soaked up every bit of information I could find about living and working in Hollywood.

But it wasn’t enough.

There’s no such thing as being 100% prepared for living in this town. During this series, I’ll attempt to provide information that hopefully be helpful to anyone thinking about moving to LA.

Some of the topics that will be featured:

Finding a Place to Live

Finding a Job

Setting Down Roots

and more to come.


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