Heroes, Vol. 2: Generations

Volume 1

Warning: Major spoilers for Volume 2.

Let me preface by saying this: I got so wrapped up in my re-watch I ended up watching “Genesis” (23 episodes) over the course of two days. So I was relieved to see that “Generations” was only 11 episodes due to the writers strike of 2007/2008. I ended up finishing this season in about a day.

Because the season was shorter and because there was a lot of backstory, this ended up feeling like a filler season.

We learn a lot about the previous generation of heroes and how their actions (still largely unknown) have shaped this new generation. From what I remember this is explored more in season 3 (which I’ve just started), but this just further shows that “Generations” served as a filler. I’m sure it wasn’t always meant to be this way, but plans had to be reworked to accommodate the strike.

Again, I felt as if there was story line that seemed to drag on unnecessarily. Hiro stayed in the 17th century for way too long. It was under the guise of love, but for someone who so strongly believes in morality and saving the world, it was a huge mistake not to leave simply because he wanted to spend more time with someone who wasn’t available. This mistake affected history. Whether this always happened or not, it was a huge risk. However, this mistake was necessary in order to set Adam up as the villain. It could have been done more quickly, though. But Hiro’s story needed to match up with everyone else’s, so it dragged on.

The other major problem I had with this season was the infusion of new characters. Maya and Alejandro were insufferable, particularly because it seemed as if we were supposed to care about them and to care about them immediately. West, while I never completely warmed up to him, he was at least¬†introduced more gradually. Don’t even get me started on Caitlin.

A side note about Elle. I’m torn on this character. I love Kristen Bell and will watch anything she’s in. And I appreciate how Elle represented Noah’s fear of what would happen to Claire if The Company ever got ahold of her. But it was hard to warm up to Elle, because she came across as cheesy, especially in the beginning. But like I said I warmed up to her and she really developed into a strong secondary character. It doesn’t hurt that Kristen Bell asked to be on the show because she loved it so much. That gives her major points in my book.

But overall, the new characters this season were weakly developed and often annoying. I don’t appreciate being expected to care about characters right away when I already have characters I care about. I think back to “Genesis” when Candice was introduced late in the game. But her power made sense to introduce and we weren’t asked to care about her, particularly because she was basically a villain. This worked well and will continue to work, especially when it comes to villains.

After “Genesis”, the show doesn’t need anymore heroes, and from what I’ve seen of Vol. 3: Villains, the writers have figured that out. So if this season could serve as a learning curve for the writers, I’m all for it. There were some really good moments this season, but they didn’t outweigh the weaknesses, in my opinion. It was still worth it to watch, but mostly to figure out what happened after Peter exploded and where the heroes were headed next.

Also, can everyone stop being amazed that Micah “talks” to machines? Yeah, thanks.

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