Monthly Archives: May 2017

every day



write every day.

it sounds simple. write every day. you’re a writer. you should want to write.

in 2014, i completed three pilots, scribed multiple essays and blog posts, and i didn’t even write every day.

in 2015, i moved to los angeles and life became about survival. i barely wrote anything.

in 2016, i got my first proper industry job and life became exhausting and i didn’t write anything at all.

so in 2017, i vowed to write every day.

even if i only wrote a sentence, i would write every day.

we are now 143 days into 2017 and i have kept that promise.

i’ve also completed my best pilot to date and begun a new pilot which might be even better.

and here’s the thing. it was difficult. most days i only wrote a sentence or two. sometimes it was like pulling teeth.

but then a few weeks ago, i started getting excited to write.

i started having more ideas.

my writing began to take a form very similar to what i imagined it to be in my mind. but now it was on the page.

i found my voice.

it took over 100 days of writing to get there, but i did get there.

so it turns out the experts are right.

if you’re a writer, you need to write every day.

(even if you only write a sentence)

write every day.