16 great shows: community (2009)

(Bitter Script Reader challenged their followers to make a list of 16 Great Shows that have influenced them as writers and viewers. This is my list.)


What a wonderfully strange little show this is.

I was first introduced to Community during the summer between its first and second season. A friend of mine pushed me to check it out and suggested I start with the paintball episode. I did. And then I went back and binged the rest of it. I’ve been an avid fan since.

Community isn’t just hilarious, it’s earnest.

For a show that specializes in the ridiculous, Community had a lot of heart and wasn’t afraid to show it. It was also one of the most diverse casts on television at the time. In a way, it was a demonstration of how people from all kinds of backgrounds could find common ground and become…a community.

That’s what made it important, but what made it entertaining is something entirely different.

Community wasn’t afraid to try anything. Sometimes it didn’t work, most of the time it worked better than anyone could possibly expect. Community did social commentary better than anyone else. Mostly because half the time you didn’t even notice they were doing it.

This show taught me to allow myself to be ridiculous in my writing, if only to eventually be able to ground myself. It taught me that sincerity is nothing to shy away from.

Plus, this group of people is there for me whenever I need a pick me up. It’s one of the most heartwarming shows I’ve ever seen and also one of the funniest. I’m sad more people didn’t watch it, but I’m glad it got six seasons, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Now if only we can get that movie going….



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