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the end and the beginning

Tonight I walked out of the building I’ve worked in for the past 14 months, to the day.

That was the last time I would do that.

Friday morning I received an email asking me to come interview for a job later that day.

I interviewed. It went well.

I interviewed over the weekend with the boss. That went well.

I got the text this morning that I’d been approved on all levels by the team and the studio to come work for them. Starting tomorrow.

So I spent today rushing to get everything in order before I left. I felt good in the morning. I got there early; felt light, felt free.

But as is typical of me, I started to realize everything I’d be losing and I started to feel heavier. I would miss good friends that I wouldn’t be seeing every day. I would miss the comfort and familiarity.

But I’d gone as far as I could at that company and I’ve known for awhile it was time to move on.

So even though there were tears and even though it felt too quick, I’m ready for this next step.

This morning my job was at a boutique production company that largely produces media that I’m just not all that passionate about.

Tomorrow my job will be on a one hour drama with a female lead which is something I’m extremely passionate about.

Everyone’s been telling me my life is about to change. I’ve crossed a threshold. I’m in the circle.

They don’t need to tell me, I already know.

And I’m one hundred percent ready for it.

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