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16 great shows: gilmore girls (2000)

(Bitter Script Reader challenged their followers to make a list of 16 Great Shows that have influenced them as writers and viewers. This is my list.)


Oh, Gilmore Girls. Where to begin?

This is my desert island show.

This is my rainy day show.

And my sick day show.

And my just because show.

I remember seeing trailers for Gilmore Girls and counting down the days for the first episode to air.

I’m an original Gilmore girl and damn proud of it.

I never missed an episode, never stopped watching.

There are really no words.

But I’ll try.

Gilmore Girls is a show that feels like a big bear hug but at the same time can disarm you in a second.

Amy Sherman-Palladino took my love of everything pop culture to insane heights and I’m certain I got my wit from growing up on this show.

This show introduced me to the gloriousness that is Lauren Graham.

I will never not watch this show.

I will never not want to live in this strange little world ASP created.

I will never not think of Stars Hallow whenever I see the WB backlot.

Of course I loved the mother-daughter relationship. I have an Emily Gilmore mother and I loved seeing someone else go through what I go through. How it’s always one step forward, ten steps backward. But I loved seeing Lorelai and Rory together. It was such a special relationship and one that is so unique to this show.

But mostly I loved the characters. They became like family to me. Sookie with her consummate cheerfulness, Lane and her obsession with music, Jackson and his obsession with produce, even Emily and Richard with their #RelationshipGoals and their small moments of willingness to open themselves up to Lorelai and Rory’s world.

And of course Luke.

Love me some Luke. With his steadfastness and pet peeves (most of which match mine) and his low key living. Despite his lack of communication skills, he’s a damn good man and no matter how fictional is, it’s so good to see a good man in this world.

These characters will stick with me throughout my life.

Every time my mother asks about my love life I’ll think of Emily’s classic zinger, “At least she had a husband to kill.”

Any time I’m just plain fed up with something I’ll exclaim, “Oy, with the poodles already!”

If I’m trying to get someone to hurry up I’ll yell “Copper boom!”, effectively perplexing them.

And whenever I get frustrated with my parents I’ll think of how much more baggage Lorelai and her parents had between them and I’ll remember that moment in the final episode when Richard says, “I think this party’s a testament to you, Lorelai, and the home you’ve created here.”

And as fictional as this show is, it had so much Truth in it. It was so honest and genuine. I will forever be grateful for that.

As a writer, I can only hope to one day create a world that is like home to its viewers. A show that can still get people excited to see new episodes 10 years after it last aired. A show that has such a unique tone and warmth to it that people will come back to it again and again and again.

Let’s face it, I’m a Gilmore girl through and through.


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