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16 great shows: supernatural (2005)

(Bitter Script Reader challenged their followers to make a list of 16 Great Shows that have influenced them as writers and viewers. This is my list.)


So we’ve finally arrived at Supernatural (if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m posting these in order of when I discovered them, based on my best guess.)

Supernatural is the show that has had the biggest impact on me and also the longest. I’m an OG fan. I remember seeing the promos for the show and getting excited because A) Jared Padalecki (one Dean Forrester) would be starring in it; and B) I loved scary movies and loved the idea of seeing a new scary movie every week.

My obsession with this show was slow growing. I remember liking the show at first, but it wasn’t until Season 4 that I started looking forward to the show every week. And even then, it wasn’t until Season 5 that the show became a big part of my life.

Supernatural was the first fandom I really got in to. I started reading fan fiction and eventually starting writing it too. I joined Livejournal groups and even started a few myself. I ran competitions and online events. I made friends with other Supernatural fans, even going as far as visiting one of them in person when I was in her area (she, in turn, introduced me to another show on this list, but I’ll get to that later).

Of the two dozen or so fan fics I’ve written in my life (I wasn’t particularly prolific), most of them have been of the Supernatural variety. In addition, I started making fan art and fan videos.

For the most part, I’ve left that behind. I occasionally read some fan fiction, but don’t write anymore. I only talk to people in that fandom by way of twitter, and even then it’s pretty limited and not always Supernatural related.

But I still watch the show. Every week, I look forward to a new episode. I hope and pray that Cas will be in the episode and even when he’s not, it’s always satisfying.

Over the years most people I meet say something like “is that show still on?” or even “is that a new show?” when they’ve never heard of it before. I always say that it’s been better these last couple seasons than it has in a while (there was understandably a rocky growth period following Season 5, when the series was originally supposed to end) and that it’s worth getting back in to or even starting from the beginning if you’re an expert binge watcher.

This show continues to surprise me with its plot twists and the way it can get to the heart of any situation is admirable. It still makes me cry. It still makes me care.

The beauty of Supernatural is the way it is always reinventing itself while still staying true to its core. I’ve also always loved how the show can take a seemingly standalone episode and turn it into some major mythological turning point in the show (i.e. “Changing Channels”).

Above all, the heart of this show is what matters. And it’s taught me a lot about character, pacing, and how to build a world that people care about.

If Supernatural goes another 13 seasons, I’ll be there, watching avidly.


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Killing Your Biggest Darling

Sometimes it’s necessary to just go ahead and kill your biggest darling.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I’m ridiculously focused on The Vampire Diaries right now. I just finished a Vampire Diaries spec script (which I will probably never show anyone because it is not my best work) and I’ve been working hard trying to start a new spec script for the show.

But it just wasn’t working.

Besides which, the reasons I was writing a Vampire Diaries spec script are not as applicable anymore. I knew that you shouldn’t write a spec script for the show you want to work on. And I wasn’t. I actually want to work on The Originals. But the point I failed to recognize is that you shouldn’t write and submit a spec script to someone who writes the show you’re speccing. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are essentially the same show in that way. But even after that, I was determined to write a good spec script for The Vampire Diaries. Probably because I felt I could do it the most justice because it (and The Originals) were my current obsession.

But that’s a flawed argument.

Yes, it’s good to know a lot about the show you’re speccing. But sometimes knowing and enjoying a show too much can become a hindrance to the writing process. Besides which, I was finding it near impossible to find a place to write a spec script in this highly serialized show.

So instead, I switched gears. I chose a similar show (supernatural themes; serialized, but somewhat less so; and even on the same network). I chose Supernatural.

This quickly became a brilliant idea. I was overflowing with inspiration and highly attracted to the fact that Supernatural often has self-contained episodes. In fact, the story I’ve begun outlining could theoretically fall into any season, though I’m specifically writing it as an episode that falls between two season-nine episodes. The main serialized theme here is emotional, but it’s an emotional story that has been present since season one and just never really goes away.

While I’m still working out some kinks, I’m happy to have moved on from The Vampire Diaries and into something that I love just as much and feel I can really do justice.

And since I’m insane, I’m now thinking I’m going to have my second spec script (Warner Bros. Workshop allows up to two submissions) be The Walking Dead. I think this will solve the two main problems I might encounter with Supernatural: it’s a show that’s been on for a long time (I’ve heard people say that’s not a great idea), and it’s a show that not everyone is familiar with (though I’d hope the people at WB are, especially since it’s included in their list of approved shows). However, The Walking Dead might end up being my strongest chance for the other fellowships.

With this tentative plan going into the second half of April, I’m more optimistic about having at least one, if not two, spec scripts written, workshopped, revised, and completed by May 30.

If my non-stop working since yesterday morning is anything to go by, I might be dead by the end of this, but I’ll have some kick-ass arsenal in my portfolio.


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